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Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! [userpic]
by Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! (kinky_carter)
at May 16th, 2011 (11:11 am)


Title: Lost Along The Away
Fandom: Bones
Subject: Vincent Nigel-Murray
Song: John Nordstrom - Lost Along The Way
Note: Spoilers for the episode The Hole In The Heart (6x22).
Format: .avi
Length: 1min.50sec., 8.49mb.

Download Here

Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! [userpic]
Booth/Brennan - Temperance Brennan - The Doctor In The Photo Fanvid
by Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! (kinky_carter)
at February 3rd, 2011 (01:18 pm)


Title: The Doctor In The Photo
Song: Unknown, just know it's from The L Word.
Spoilers: The Doctor In The Photo, Season 6
Vidder: kinky_carter aka DoctorElizabethWeir
Fandom: Bones
Pairing: Booth/Brennan, Temperance Brennan-centric
Note: A very short vid, and my first Bones vid.

Download/Watch Here

thedothatgirl [userpic]
Art of Vidding Awards -Fandom Face Off Vidding Tournament Summer 2010
by thedothatgirl (thedothatgirl)
at June 7th, 2010 (04:37 pm)



Just for a change, we're contemplating a fandom face off tournament at the Art of Vidding Awards this Summer. This will be where vids of the same fandom go head to head and the winner (as chosen by the judges) goes forward to the next round until we have the 'Best in Fandom'.  Then the final round will be battle of the fandoms.

Vidders can submit one vid in as many fandoms that have been selected for the competition. Sounds like fun?  What we need to know now is which fandoms you would be interested in submitting. There's a poll created here with a few fandom suggestions and an option to list all those not shown. There's also more information about how things will work. We've not set an opening date yet, but hope to leave the polls open for at least another week or so, we'd like this to be as inclusive as possible and give everyone a chance to pit their vid against another.


I can tell you already from the existing responses  that we have enough interest in these fandoms that are not shown on the poll  'Heroes, Lost, Farscape, Firefly, Smallville'.    So if you want to submit in these please check the 'other' box and add the details.


Hayley [userpic]
Looking Through Your Eyes
by Hayley (annie_hay)
at March 5th, 2010 (07:39 pm)

current mood: enthralled

Title: Looking Through Your Eyes
Author: Hayley -----> annie_hay 
Pairing: Booth and Brennan
Song: Looking Through Your Eyes - by LeAnn Rimes
Disclaimer: This is only made for entertainment.
Type: Movie
Spoilers: Seasons 1-5
Summary:  Love is a difficult thing for her to understand, but while looking through his eyes, she knew exactly what love is.

thedothatgirl [userpic]
Looking for Vids for Special Round
by thedothatgirl (thedothatgirl)
at December 9th, 2009 (04:44 pm)

Still looking for entries to the Special Seasonal Round over at the Art of Vidding Awards.

If you, or you know of any vidders who, have a Bones Christmas vid (or any other fandom) who'd like to take part in our special round please send them this way


Heidi [userpic]
Vidding Award Community!
by Heidi (purecreation)
at June 22nd, 2009 (08:35 pm)

Multi-Fandom Video Awards!

Hayley [userpic]
Wanna Grow Old With You
by Hayley (annie_hay)
at June 22nd, 2009 (10:14 am)

Title: I Wanna Grow Old With You
Author: Hayley (annie_hay )
Pairing: Booth and Brennan
Song: I Wanna Grow Old With You - By Westlife
Type: Ship
Spoilers: Seasons 1-4
Clip Credit - beyondbickering.net
Summary: Bones and Booth are meant to spend the rest of their lives together. This video shows what could happen in the far future as all of us fans hope. All it takes is love to grow old with your soulmate.
Click here to view.

Hayley [userpic]
by Hayley (annie_hay)
at June 22nd, 2009 (10:00 am)

current mood: blank

Title: Miracle
Author: Hayley (annie_hay )
Pairing: Booth and Brennan
Song: Miracle - by Celine Dion
Details: 3:36; 41.1 mb
Theme Ship
Spoilers: Seasons 1-4
Clip Credit - beyondbickering.net

Summary: True love is compatible when you least expect it.

Read The Subtext [userpic]
Fanvid - 'Bones: The Heart of the Matter' by Read The Subtext
by Read The Subtext (readthesubtext)
at May 18th, 2009 (01:41 pm)

Title: 'Bones: The Heart of the Matter'
Compiled by: Read The Subtext (prev. Nothing But Bones)
Track: 'Everybody Hurts' by REM
Featuring: The original cast
Spoilers: Seasons 1-3
Summary: I want to retire from the fandom on a positive note, so this is a tribute to the Brennan I know and love; an emotionally conflicted, empathetic and intuitive woman who captured my heart and my imagination. This vid is dedicated to all the people who share my despair at the way Brennan has "evolved" during Season 4 ('The Girl in the Mask,' 'Mayhem on a Cross' and the final two minutes of the finale notwithstanding), but I hope it appeals to everyone regardless - this is the essence of what I loved about this show and the characters, and I got all teary-eyed and nostalgic making it! I hope Season 5 fulfils all of your hopes and expectations :)

View HERE @ readthesubtext

Leviathan [userpic]
Bones Video: You Can
by Leviathan (leviathan101)
at April 24th, 2009 (11:38 am)
Tags: ,

Title: You Can
Description: 'If anyone can make me fall in love, you can.' Good things come to those who wait.
Pairing: Booth/Brennan
Edited by: Leviathan (myself)
Music: You Can by David Archuleta
Format & Size: 31 MB wmv zip, or streamed.
Spoilers: Through Girl in the Mask (4x23)

Download and streaming links as well as vid notes here at my journal

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