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A Bones Fanvidding Community

Bones Fanvids
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to bonesfanvids , a fanvidding community!

bonesfanvids is a new Livejournal community dedicated to Bones music videos. The site allows fans to post and view fanmade Bones music videos, i.e fanvids. Bones Fanvids welcomes all Bones fans so if you want to share a vid or just watch some, pay a visit to bonesfanvids.

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1. No flaming! All members must respect each other and their work.
2. When posting vids please follow this template:

Title: (of the video)


Made by: ... (include your livejournal username, personal name or email address, it doesn’t matter which)

Details: (size, duration & file type)

Theme/Other: (is it shippy, action…etc.)


3. It doesn’t matter what site you use for file hosting but the longer it lasts the better. I'd recommend megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/

4. Under no circumstances is it allowed to dissect clips from other people’s vids. It is theft and if you are caught I won’t hesitate to ban you. *scowls*

Vid suggestions or requests are allowed and encouraged.

Challenges may be set up in the near future if there is an interest.

Happy Viddding!!!

Bones Community:206_bones
Bones Community:bones_tvseries

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